Monday, June 03, 2002

So, I went to the Massachusetts Democratic Convention over the weekend. Quite an experience. I really enjoyed learning about a little-known aspect of the democratic (or Democratic) process. It was also fun meeting some of the candidates and talking about issues. On the other hand, the nomination process, and the mechanics of the voting, need a lot of work. There was lots of disturbing political maneuvering and lots of sitting and waiting for votes to be collected and counted. There were also a bunch of boring speeches (especially the hour or so dedicated to talking about how great Worcester [the host city] and its Democrats are) but also some really great rallying speeches by the likes of Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, and Mike Dukakis (yeah, he's still around). I supported Bob Reich for the gubenatorial nod, as he is the only candidate who really seems to be interested in progressive ideas like urban redevelopment and control of suburban sprawl. He didn't get the official endorsement (translation: the party won't give him much money) but he's on the primary ballot and may have a shot at upsetting Shannon O'Brien and Tom Birmingham, the more mainstream candidates. (O'Brien got the official endorsement.) Anyway, it was a fun if occasionally tedious couple of days. Now, on to the September primary. Go Reich!


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