Tuesday, July 30, 2002

Random musing

I wonder if it's possible, long-term, for a person to be completely committed (in action) to his principles while also being willing to change his principles if he discovers that his principles need tweaking.

As an example, suppose someone believes that he should always use public transportation whenever it is available as an alternative to driving. So, he starts doing so. However, after awhile, he realizes that it's incredibly inefficient to travel an hour by public transit, changing buses twice, to go 2 miles up the road. So, he modifies his principle. He now believes that he should always use public transportation when it is available as an efficient alternative to driving. The question is, has he "seen the light" and therefore changed his principle to better reflect reality? Or has he instead found himself unable to stick to his original principle and therefore changed it simply so that he could convince himself that he's acting on his principles?

Just wondering...


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