Saturday, December 01, 2007

Work retreat

I've spent the past 24 hours or so at a retreat for work at the Essex Conference Center in Essex, Mass. The facility here is beautiful and just right for a low-key off-site event. Even the food is good, which is hardly a given for this type of place.

The retreat itself has been a lot of fun. Yesterday was spent with a lot of open-ended discussions revolving around interesting areas of potential (or current) research. Then, after dinner, we had drinks, played games, had a campfire (with s'mores!), had some more drinks, played some more games, etc. This morning I was up early (I didn't have quite as many drinks as some of the others) and went for a walk on a nature trail on the grounds. We have a few more hours of discussions this morning, bracketed by breakfast and lunch, and then we'll be heading home.

It's great to work someplace with really interesting, fun, and pleasant people. Berkman Center is like that, so spending a day and a half with them, even on a weekend, is a really positive experience.

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