Thursday, July 10, 2008


I'm trying out Evernote, a hybrid desktop/online note taking product whose new and improved version just came out of beta testing. It seems like a good product, though I already have one significant gripe. One of the key features is that you can take a photo of something like a whiteboard or a page of notes and send it to Evernote, and the software will scan it for text, making it searchable. Very cool. Except that, while it becomes searchable, you never get direct access to the text, so there's no way to copy and paste, edit, etc. This is a key feature in most OCR software, and has been a feature of Microsoft's OneNote (which does much of what Evernote does, minus the killer synchronization between computers/web) for a long time. C'mon, Evernote, get with the program!



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