Wednesday, September 03, 2008

An open letter to Senator Obama

Dear Senator Obama:

This is your chance. Leading up to the Democratic primary, you inspired us with your message of hope and change. I want to believe in it, and so do millions of other Americans. But, so far, your campaign has not delivered on your promise to end politics as usual. Now is the time to show us, through your campaign, the change that you intend to bring to Washington.

In Denver, you rejected the "politics of the past" and encouraged Americans to demand new leadership. Well, we're demanding it—of you and your campaign. We demand an end to a generic, uninspired campaign influenced by consultants and pollsters. We demand a candidate who rejects the idea that the road to victory is paved with empty promises of jobs created and taxes lowered. We demand an end to daily, fake-personal e-mails from a candidate, his wife, and his campaign manager asking us to donate money. We demand new television ads that are creative and fresh and inspiring, that make us question our belief about what a national political ad can and should be. We're ready to reject the politics of the past, but to do so, we need to see an example of the politics of the future.

The great revolutionary Mahatma Ghandi, said, "Be the change you want to see in the world." We ask you, Senator, to be the change you want to see in Washington. Let your campaign be an example to the country of what an Obama presidency would look like. I want to believe. We want to believe. This is your chance. Make us believe.

Maxim Weinstein
Medford, Massachusetts

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At September 3, 2008 at 4:46 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for blogging this Max.

Just be aware that Obama has never claimed to be running as a revolutionary. In fact, I see him as running as an evolutionary.

And, with that, he will never, ever be able to fully satisfy those of us who want to really fix things in the context of our ideologies -- certainly not in his first term, at least.

Obama's version of 'change' is that of bi-partisan negotiations... which, to me, means that ideologies on all sides will be beached in a wake of conciliatory compromises. This is the kind of governing that will only make boring moderates and no-drama managers happy.

Which is why I find it so remarkable that he won the primaries and is likely to win the election. America has moved so far from this model of executive that it's hard to believe we have it in us to stomach anything more than a 'reality show' in the White House.

For what it's worth, I am all for this boring moderate approach to governing. I've always thought that our government is best run slow and inefficiently. The more nimble it is, the better chance of crazy ideologues using it as a weapon of mass destruction internally and externally. In other words, over the long haul, I'd rather have people like Cheney run into a river of molasses than have Obama ride the rapids.

All that said, there's another element of your plea that I completely agree with: Obama is running a positively lackluster campaign with a few interesting spikes. I've coined a phrase, in fact, to describe Obama's political style:

"Obama always rises to the occasion; the problem is, he requires an occasion."


At September 3, 2008 at 4:49 PM , Blogger Maxim said...

@jon: All true, but he has claimed to be running to end "politics as usual," and he has challenged Americans to demand more of their leaders. If he's going to speak in such lofty terms, he needs to be prepared to be held to that high standard.

At September 3, 2008 at 8:47 PM , Blogger Mike Fowler said...

This is great, and I agree with your statements. I'm looking for some real, honest change - not the same ol' same ol'.

When is it the right time for universal health care, an overhaul of the budget, and other necessary things? Why not now?

It's time for politicians to work together and start getting things done instead of just grinding along.


At September 4, 2008 at 12:22 AM , Blogger Unknown said...

Thank you for writing this.

I hope he can realize that he needs to be the change so that we can hope for that change.

At September 5, 2008 at 3:26 AM , Blogger Unknown said...

Great Letter Max! I am so depressed this week over the RNC that this did lighten things up a bit. Yours from Seattle, Alice


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